The beloved dress of millennia

You'd be hard pressed to ever find a garment more worthy of the terms "resilient" and "omnipresent" when it comes to the global history of fashion than the Kaftan. Even the explosively common t-shirt can't claim that title due to Kaftans being around for millenia vs. the t-shirt's mere decades. Initially believed to have been created and propagated from ancient mesopotamia (yes, the cradle of civilization,) the Kaftan has endured thousands of years to spread to nearly every culture throughout the globe.

Ernst Rudolph - "The Musician"

It doesn't take much to see why the Kaftan is so wide-spread. While interpreted in countless ways, the Kaftan, in its essence, is a rather simple concept - provide the wearer with mid to full-length coverage from top to bottom using a loose-fitting fabric. What has solidified the Kaftan's place in fashion's past and future, is the fact that the rather simple "kaftan concept" can provides the wearer with a versatility in silhouettes and movements depending on the fabric and styling of the garment. With thicker, heavier, and typically ornamented fabrics the silhouette effect can provide a more structured look that gives the wearer a formal shape. These types of Kaftans have graced the shoulders of everyone from ancient Ottoman Sultans, to Moroccan judges, to today's wedding-goers throughout North Africa and the Middle East.
When a Kaftan is made from lighter, more flowy fabrics, then we reach a place, in our opinion, that's truly divine. With lighter, more flowy fabrics, the weare achieves an ethereal, billowy silhouette so that when they walk every slight movement and catch of the breeze brings the garment further to life.

It's this sublime effect that inspired us to marry the ancient Moroccan tradition for quality craftsmanship to the way that the Tighemi woman would want their Kaftan's to function. We achieved this by working with our top artisans in Morocco to create exquisite silk Kaftan's with long flowy arms, plunging necklines, and a convenient internal adjustable cinched waist. Whether you decide to wear these Kaftan's over a bathing suit or to an event, you'll have thousands of years of tried and true Kaftan history guiding you.